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Fox McCloud of the Star Fox team of Arwing pilots stars in his first action adventure game. Fox must free the primeval Dinosaur Planet from the clutches of the evil General Scales, with the help of Prince Tricky, Krystal, the planet's inhabitants, and of course his old wingmates. Explore a fully 3D world, and engage in close-quarters combat on land and space combat in deep space.


StarFox Adventures is the next game in the StarFox series. In this game you jump out of the Arwing and go on foot in this third-person adventure. You play as Fox McCloud member of the Lylat Crew. Fox wields "The Staff" which helps him in his adventure and you can upgrade it with new abilities in the game. As you battle the evil dinosaurs and the minions of General Scale the villian you also have to do many different puzzles and quests. Fox's goal in the game is to save Dinosaur Planet from General Scales and defeat him.


  • Explore Dinosaur Planet as Fox in this brand new adventure

  • Play in an Air Craft as well as on foot

  • Meet new characters, as well as some old friends as you conquer all obstacles in your path

  • Collect many items and abilities during your quest

Editor's Note:

Previously unrelated to Nintendo's Star Fox franchise. The "Dinosaur Planet" subtitle has also been dropped.

Added on: March 26, 2001

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Just to have it. Assault is probably better. StarFoxAdventures GC
Basically Zelda, nothing else to it. StarFoxAdventures GC
Don't know why but this is one of my fav. games. StarFoxAdventures GC
basically a zelda game but with Fox instead of Link. good game though. StarFoxAdventures GC
it's a decent game but the voice actors suck StarFoxAdventures GC
Never beat, but had a lot of fun with it the parts I played... StarFoxAdventures GC
Great adventure game. :O StarFoxAdventures GC
Basicly a more techy version of that one Zelda game, but better. A classic and will live on for all time. StarFoxAdventures GC
Star Fox was awesome... Rare is even more awesome... so STAR FOX ADVENTURES?!?! Wow... :D StarFoxAdventures GC
Would like to rent, but the blockbuster doesn't have it in stock... I think :/ StarFoxAdventures GC

Lastability: 5/10.
Nice ideas, but not enough to last a whole game (the last Spirit was...

  • Genre: Fantasy (GC)
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Rare
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Released
    North AmericaSep 23, 2002
    EuropeNov 22, 2002
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