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Nova is a Ghost operative who has been sent on a series of interplanetary missions to assassinate, spy on, and destroy various alien factions that may become a threat to the Terran race. She is joined by a group of allies also skilled in combat who can be given specific orders, but there will be missions where she must go it alone.

An assortment of high-powered rifles, guns, and explosives will be available to Nova and her crew, and her extensive training as a Ghost allows Nova to use deadly psionic attacks on her foes. Nova also comes equipped with a special Hostile Environment Suit that gives her enhanced speed, power, and agility, which may be just the edge she needs when confronting aliens. Played from a third-person perspective within multiple 3D worlds, Nova will encounter enemies new to the StarCraft universe as she uses her stealth and skills as a soldier to complete her missions.


  • Revolutionary new style of gameplay: Featuring enhanced physical and psionic abilities.
  • Hostile Environment Suit: Designed to magnify strength, agility, and speed.
  • Over-the-top special effects: Stunning visuals and unparalleled tactical realism.
  • Immersive 3-D environments: Which showcase rich textures and highly stylized character models.
  • Unique Calldown abilities: Players can target large-scale attacks from the ground.
  • Deeply evolving story line: Set in Blizzard's gritty sci-fi StarCraft universe.

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Nova is finally near compleation and is ready to kick some PROTOSS,ZZZEEERRRGGG,And...

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