Spy Hunter is on a mission to save the world once again in an racing-action game of mission-based vehicular espionage with full-motion-video cut scenes, where the hunter is also the hunted! Spy Hunter must complete 14 high-adrenaline missions in a variety of exotic worldwide locations in order to defeat the evil multinational corporation, NOSTRA. The sleek G-6155 Interceptor you'll drive transforms into a car, boat, jet ski, or motorcycle depending on the terrain and danger Spy Hunter faces!


The evil Nostra Corporation is prepared to unleash havoc - only you and the G-6155 Interceptor can stop them. Race around the globe in your quest to thwart their evil plans. Wield an incredible arsenal of both offensive and defensive weapons to defeat Nostra's henchmen, spies, and assassins.


  • G-6155 Interceptor — 845 horsepower, turbo; vehicle counters terrain and enemy pursuit with dynamic morphing abilities — shifting from a car to a speed-boat, jet ski and motorcycle.

  • Spectacular Weapons — An arsenal of offensive and defensive weapons equipped and upgraded at each level.

  • Progressive,dynamic enemies — Attack through land, sea and air.

  • Intense multiplayer — Challenge head-to-head through relentless action and demanding mission objectives.

  • 7 real world, exotic locations!

  • Stunning photos — realistic 3D environments!
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Sep 21, 08 6:40pm
Only one person has this game...MADNESS SpyHunter PS2
Nymosus played Spy Hunter
May 20, 05 2:58am
Had too much money at the time SpyHunter PS2
Feb 28, 05 7:14pm

its very good, quite interesting, but a few glitches and not much replay value....

azn knight blaze
Oct 09, 04 3:57am
Did not like it SpyHunter PS2
Jun 14, 04 9:16pm
Now you don't have to just remember nostalgically the great classic of Spy Hunter, because you can play the newer 3D version of it on... SpyHunter PS2
Oct 27, 03 5:48pm

This is the game that got me started. Racing combined with shooting. What could be...

Aug 05, 03 11:45pm
added a cheat
Octarine Skye
Feb 16, 03 1:48am
added a cheat
Mr Matthews
Jan 31, 03 5:46pm

I found this to be a overall pretty good game. It was a new concept that I really...

May 08, 02 9:27pm
added a cheat
Apr 26, 02 3:37pm

This game was awesome, plenty of variety and the unlockable cheats will keep you...

Apr 25, 02 6:23pm
added a cheat
Mar 24, 02 5:29am

i love this game its da-bomb
even though i haven't beat it yet it's awesome

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