Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Own / Want List

Username Comments
princessblaze320 I am up to last story and i loooooove this game mehehehe XD
RikutheHedgehog None
Austin810 None
Ratchet200 None
Oogity_Boogity_Boo None
Vincent_the_hedgehog None
Ub3r Shadow None
flamingtunapictures me love chao!
Vegeto30294 None
terragirl952 None
SoaH15 None
Blue_Kitty92 Best Game EVER!
tomato13187 None
Lucky Gamer Great game! The chao are so cute!
Homunculus Lover None
Bash Boy 54 Wazzzzzup
InvaderHera None
zelda_link None
Mattyo94 The best sonic game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zebra Cakes None
Ecto5 None
nasty nappa None
brad3 None
Maxwell Atoms The Greatest Sonic Game Ever Made says I. It truly is. Oh the days when i used to play this... ah, still one of my greatest games.
harvestbmg Cool
Mr Cheater None
IceAngel None
Sonic Flash None
Murray3 None
Mystery None
Icey Squirrel Master None
Satokasu Suki None
ViperSean None
Jelar None
Key zer None
Shocker None
Rainbow Jinjo The best Sonic Game I own, not graphic wise though.
GallantmonX None
WishingTikal None
Inuyasha64 need to beat it
Zelda_2002 Graphics should of been souped up. Otherwise this game is great!
Gregory2590 None
yecnuahc None
Giga Bowser None
Delslayer None
FireFly53 None
InsanityS None
Oni 7 out of 10
Wu kingdom Beat it.
Shadow12 None