Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
princessblaze320 Jan 15, 2010 Well dont hav all A ranks yet so it aint mastered but i finished it today XD I got it i think 3days ago prolly woulda finished it yesterday if it wasnt for the chao garden XD
RikutheHedgehog Nov 17, 2009 None
Austin810 Jan 1, 2008 None
Immortal_Life 4 evr Dec 1, 2006 Uhh, the truth is, I didn't really beat this. My friend just copied her data onto my memory card. TEE HEE HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa mua haaaaa haaaa ahhhhaaaaha haaaa haaaaaaaaa. mooooooo moooooooo mooooooo moooooooo mooooooooo moooooo moooooo mooooooooo mooooooo moooooo mooooo mooooo mooooooo moooooooo moooooooooo moooooo moooooooooo mooooooooooo HEEE HWEEEEEEEE laaaaaaaaaa lllllla laaaaaaaa Gweeeeeeeeek gweeeeeeek gweeek ba ba ba bbaaa baaaaahaa haaaaa haaaa haaaaa pee [eeee peeeeeee peeeeeeee peeeeee peeeeeee peeeeeeee peeeeeep peeeee peeeeeee peeeeee peeeeee peeee bjbj bsukdcb cjsdb sdjb hdc jsd hsdh hvjd hvjd hvdfi hih vfhif hsvi idsj difjis jbsjv iji hwe8 fhe och dos dxo e9wo s9u dsuio df9sio disji dsfjio fjsiof f vfjdsv vj d jsfj j vivj ivvh d hjb h h n h hj h h h h h hdh hd uhds dfuh hd hudf idf d d u hhe h h h rf h heff uhefe fhh h hhjvhvvh h h r g f vf b fgb gf nb fg b f b fggb f bf b fgb fgncg nc gb c b gb fgb fb fg b bfg bfgb fg bfg b fgb g b bg fd bfb f b vcb fg bfg b th dftb fb fg bfg b bj g vhvv hvv b b nb hvhvhv v vm g fggfg h fg b rtbg b f b fb db fd bgt df b dgndf fbfd f dbb n dvbnn cv b cv ncx vn vxcb v cxnx nv dfb bvcbc bvn vdj vfd nm bvjfkd dfj v fjbv fj v cvj vcj fdj jfdjvdbjvbj bjdbbvj jbfdjbv jdfkb bfdj vh vhj vh b v v v v vjh vjh vjtn h njhy j hjb hbv h h hbv hg bvg gh bhhb h bh bh njh bh bh bh b bh bg gbv vg hg bfg bn bgbg dg fg fg fgf n m
Ratchet200 Nov 22, 2006 None
dragonblast62 Nov 19, 2006 my high score was 659834
Oogity_Boogity_Boo Nov 1, 2006 None
Quarxyz Oct 16, 2006 it was my first gamecube game(if you already havent noticed which is impossibe.)because i got this game in apruil of 06 but got my gamecube on sonics american birthday lol. i already played it at my aunts house (she already had sonic heroes). but before sonic heroes i had mainly been playing old 2d games on my nes. so i hadnt really been playing this kinda game since 04. so it took me awhile the amount of time it really took me(put those olong hoursi spent with chao) it eally added up too about 100 hours.then i beat it a few more times . the second time i beat it i beat all the missions then the third time i beat i beat sonic shadow , tails and eggamans missons with A ranks and a few with knuckles and rouge.then in december of 06 i got snic adventurer dx whcih virtually took up my time then in april of 07 i got sonic riders(bleck but it was free) then i got super mario sunshine. then (oh i forgort way early in 06 i got mega collection) well then i traded all my sonic games in (excluding collection) for crash bandicoot woc another bad choice.9 my brother in law had a few crash games for psx but trashed em with i was playin for bno aparent reason)then i traded all those games in and the gba sp i got form free traded em in and then ( wait i didnt trade collection in) i got about 38 credit( idid trade in my gba sp)then i went home and found out collection was broke so i got tak an extremely bad game so i traded it in and with the 39 credit i had i used 26 to buy paper mario.
Vincent_the_hedgehog Sep 17, 2006 I had 180 emblems
Ub3r Shadow Aug 20, 2006 None
flamingtunapictures Jan 1, 2006 i love chao!
Vegeto30294 Jan 1, 2006 None
Ultimate Shadow Dec 18, 2005 Ummmmmm... 999 rings in final stage?
slilversuicune Sep 9, 2005 All chao gardens unlocked. 10 chaos.
terragirl952 Mar 10, 2005 None
OmegaFury Feb 5, 2005 None
SoaH15 Jan 1, 2005 All A Ranks and every emblem unlocked.
Tales_n_Zelda_fan Jan 1, 2005 Completed it years ago. Only recently got all A's
Bender0121 Jan 1, 2004 Great story throughout dark and hero gameplay. Multiplayer could be a little bit better. But, a great ending nontheless. Last boss kept me on the edge of my seat. 5 out of 5
Machewman Jan 1, 2004 None
Capoland Jan 1, 2003 None
Blue_Kitty92 Jan 1, 2003 None
tomato13187 Oct 1, 2002 Best Sonic game I've ever played. Spent a lot of time in the Chao Garden. A good time, on the whole.
Lucky Gamer Jan 1, 2002 First time i just speeded through all the levels. Easy for me.
Nymosus No completion date None
Demon Goddess No completion date None
Homunculus Lover No completion date None
Bash Boy 54 No completion date None
Gemini19 No completion date All missions completed, all characters have alternate costumes, all medals acquired.
Vitehite No completion date None
InvaderHera No completion date None
zelda_link No completion date None
Mattyo94 No completion date This game is one hell of a blast, the new sonic games are no comparison to this!!!!
Zebra Cakes No completion date Best Sonic game there is. They need to include chao in the upcoming new ones, to make it some what close to this one.
Chaos Seraph No completion date None
Ecto5 No completion date None
BlasterMage No completion date None
yellow_turtle No completion date This game is soooo much fun but is preety easy!!!!!!!!!
kvnkrbr99 No completion date I beat it so long ago, on both sides, even last side, and I have the greatest chao ever.I'm a master breeder, so if you PM me a kind of chao you want, i'll tell you every little bit of infon you need to make it. I AM THE CHAO MASTER!!!! Also, I can tell you any tips on emblems you need, yousend it, I tell it
nasty nappa No completion date None
brad3 No completion date None
Maxwell Atoms No completion date None
Alex the Chao No completion date None
harvestbmg No completion date Beat both story modes.
Mr Cheater No completion date thrsutghuksthg
IceAngel No completion date I got a Chaos Chao. And A shiny two-tone Baby Chao!
Sonic Flash No completion date None
Murray3 No completion date None
ViperSean No completion date None
Giga Bowser No completion date None