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Mr. Burns has taken over the Springfield public transit system and raised the cost of a bus ticket to $100! Choose one of your favorite Simpsons characters and set out driving around Springfield picking up people and taking them to the places they want to go. You're rewarded with cash depending on how fast you deliver your fares to their destinations.


  • Over 25 Simpson characters, featuring animations and unique relationships with other characters, are behind the wheel or wandering the streets of Springfield begging for a ride. "The fools will destroy the city. EXCELLENT."

  • Bonus System rewards players of all skill levels and lets players choose which characters and cars they want to unlock. "Mmmmm bonus cars."

  • Interactive worlds provide an intensely busy community environment alive with traffic and pedestrian interaction that adds to commuters' road rage. "This is a rhubarb of a pickle of a jam."

  • Two player split screen action lets you beat your opponent in a race for the next passenger, or steal their passenger mid-ride! "Eat my shorts, dude."

  • Sunday Driving Mode lets you pick up passengers and explore the city at a leisurely pace. "Don't have a cow, man."

  • Car Physics feature wild jumps, powerslides, speed-starts and 2-wheel leans, all done with a simple arcade-style 2 button interface! Cruise throughhills, jumps, mountains, forests, and time-saving short-cuts. "Cowabunga!"

  • Intuitive menus and in-game interface make this game easy to get in and play right away. As Homer would say, "If it's hard to do, it's not worth doing!"
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well here is the simpsons version of the 'crazy taxi' game...and its not that bad...


While it's basically a Crazy Taxi ripoff with The Simpsons, it's a darn good ripoff!...

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