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Average Review Score: 8.0/10

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Second Sight Reviews

website score publish date 9/10 Oct 11 '04
ic-games 67%
PALGN 7.5/10 Sep 30 '05
Cubed3 9.1/10 Aug 28 '04
Gamecube Europe 8.6/10 Sep 07 '04
Gamespot 7.5/10 Sep 20 '04
Gamespy 4/5 Sep 21 '04
Gaming Target  --- May 07 '04
IGN GameCube 7.9/10 Sep 16 '04
Nintendo World Report 8/10 Mar 02 '05
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Second Sight Previews

website publish date
EuroGamer May 20 '04
Nintendojo Aug 19 '04
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Cubed3 on Sep 17 '04

"Whilst the whole game is packed with freedom, the developers have ensured that the whole thing is full of structure and great missions. From mental asylums, to snow-covered landscapes, to offices,..."

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EuroGamer on Aug 24 '04

"He doesn't know his name, he can't remember his past, all he knows is that his only hope for survival is to escape and unravel the mystery that has led to his imprisonment."

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Gaming Target on Aug 24 '04

"The hero, John Vattic, is an amnesiac man, similar to the plot of the recently released Breakdown. Also, the hero has psychic abilities, much like the soon to be released Psi-Ops. "

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IGN GameCube on Sep 17 '04

"’s fun while it lasts. Second Sight boasts a great story and characters with little to no down time. You’re constantly laying the smack down through mental powers and well-placed sniper..."

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