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Poseidon is trying to take the magic away from Shamu's Sea Park. You will go under the park as Shamu, and fight the undersea god and the sea beast, Kraken. As you make your way to the final battle, you get to watch 3-D cut-scenes and open undersea chests.


  • Gather fun collectibles and crack open sea chests
  • 8 distinct environment types from the Shamu Stadium pool to the ocean depths of Atlantis
  • Unlock and use Shamu's animal behavior to challenge unique enemy sea creatures, break down walls and barriers beneath the oceanand find collectible items.
  • Fun, challenging, and educational mission-based gameplay
  • Lead fin-raising chases
  • Solve challenging puzzles
  • Perform daring rescues
This was one of the saddest games ever. The manatee takes time as he's kidnapped to narrate everything. SeaWorldShamusBigAdventure DS
sparrowbird666 owns Sea World: Shamu's Big Adventure
this is my kids game, never played before. SeaWorldShamusBigAdventure DS
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