A world of swords and sorcery is slowly being engulfed by a mysterious black mist. Princess Kartia of the Kingdom of Orange discovers a possible means with which to fight back, but she'll need your help. Travel the world seeking magical cards you can use to summon legendary creatures who can fight on your behalf against enemies. There are 2 modes of play: Story Mode and Versus Mode (where you can challenge your friend to a monster duel).

Editor's Note:

Known in Japan as "Rune".

Added on: August 29, 2001

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Now that I finally got around to playing this I find out it LostKingdoms GC
This is a disappointing RPG LostKingdoms GC

This game was pretty good, but odd. I didn't really get what the story was. It kind...


There is danger in a world far away...a dark power is coming. The worlds only hope is...


it{s pretty cool with the cards and all but its still is a waste ur money game 55$ for...


Let's start by saying I wouldn't write this if I agreed with the other reviews, I...


Generally speaking, the first wave of RPGs on any new console isn't very good. Given...


Despite my utterly evil sounding The Bad, I really do love this game. This is...


This is a great game even though its flaws. First of all, this is the first GameCube...


Alrighty then...

First off the game has to be the best RPG Nintendo has ever made. It...


its dijimon meets zelda (in a way) if you buy it you wont be sorry. its not a 5 hour...


-Excellent game with fantastic game play
-Sound could be enhanced with betterness a...


When I first opened up the Tips and Tricks that I regularly suscribe to and read...

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