Resident Evil 4 Own / Want List

Username Comments
Just Mii None
iamjoe56 awesome game.
Krauserthegreat None
Kataki None
MattchuLB Still my all time favorite.
SummerDies None
Mabulous None
SuperKrauser None
leon scott kennidy None
Verdugo_X2L None
Big Willie None
Jeg None
U_know_who None
Jaw Knee 10/10
Oogity_Boogity_Boo None
Regard None
waderedsox None
TheBloodyClawofElena None
Sonic Flash None
Azrael Blade None
Gargomon None
cobra2 None
Aulis Vaara None
mstpaintball None
TheGameHHH214 None
mojothemonkey None
utmeister None
Alias353 None
BlueYepez69 None
Buzooka Joe2 find your own!
che_don_john None
Inuyasha64 beat it
FFAnthologyFreak None
lord of vice city None
Delslayer None
Oni 10 out of 10
Shadow12 None
DarkMercenary None
LuckyDucky Heh Heh. Love this game so much!
dtimmy14 None
ruingliff4 None
AyuNetmd14 None
X10 None
The Cube Master Excellent game. Read the reviews.
TestamentX2 None
Kya12 None
Diana None
Kokoro None
oOhennersOo None
Twillia1 None