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Resident Evil 4 marks a terrifying new chapter in the world renowned Resident Evil series. Players rejoin Leon S. Kennedy, six years after his first mission as a rookie cop from Resident Evil 2. Now as a U.S. agent, Leon is on a top-secret mission to investigate the disappearance of the President's daughter and has made his way to a mysterious location in Europe. As Leon encounters unimaginable horrors, he must find out who or what is behind everything.


In the newest Resident Evil game there are new never before seen enemies. You will be wishing for the common Resident Evil zombies. Resident Evil 4 is a third person shooter and you can aim and shoot and zero in on enemies with weapons. You can use the "A" button to perform various actions such as jump. In Resident Evil 4, there are smarter enemies than ever using their cunning abilities to attack the player


  • New story – play five action-packed scenarios exclusive to PlayStation2, PC and GC, as Ada, the assassin shadowing Leon.
  • New gameplay – find and unlock new weapons and costumes that change the way you confront your fears.
  • New insight – discover the secrets of the new Resident Evil world in Ada's Report , an exclusive in-game multi-chaptered document detailing all you'll need know.
  • New survival action – Forget "survival horror", this is Resident Evil redefined with more menacing enemies, intuitive controls and intense, action-packed gameplay

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A few years after its release its become somewhat fashionable to blame Resident Evil 4 for the...

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When I was in secondary school, I saved my money for months just to buy it and a couple of days after I ordered it, I got it as a gift! ResidentEvil4 PS2

Capcom has said the decision to include zombies in Resident Evil 6 was due to fan feedback. Following the... posted Jul 28, 12 4:06am

I can't remember how many times I finished the game,it is really one of it kind,my fav-horror game ever ResidentEvil4 PS2
YAYAYAY!!!! Completed Pro - about 5 days ago XD ResidentEvil4 PS2
Earning 5 stars on the Waterworld level is tough indeed. ResidentEvil4 PC

Stepping away from passively viewing to violently shooting, the forty-forth round of Articles of Excellence has been taken out by Gryzor with his review for Resident Evil 4. Taking the middle ground he describes it as an okay game, sporting some needed improvements yet also missing some of the better elements from previous titles.

 Resident Evil 4     Score: 3.6/5
 Genre: Action Shooter

 Resident Evil 4 is far from the masterpiece or disasterpiece people would make it out to be.

quote Gryzor
Hold on a minute, THIS is the game that changed Resident Evil? Many would say for the worst, but I say it's for the better, and that the PS1 Resident Evil games were mediocre. I'm sorry fanboys, but I will never see the early games your way because I found them generally irritating to play, despite excellent survival mechanics. Resident Evil 4 is both a natural evolution for the series and a bit of watering down of the old formula. How so? Well, while it's easier to play and no longer plagued by atrocious camera angles (were they on purpose or did they just *bleep* up), the survival element (which was the only thing I liked about the older games, funny enough) felt less prevalent, like newer gamers couldn't handle it or something, although it was at least given a facelift to go with it.

Story: One thing I found impressive with its story is that it's deceptively simple. At first, it's about Leon, the guy from Resident Evil 2, having to rescue Ashley Graham (the president's daughter) from a cult located in a small Spanish village, but then you start to learn more about their motives, and it just "clicks" after a while. Memos that are scattered across the village and the various cutscenes that are given careful attention manage to captivate you for the duration of the game, especially as it gets more into the cult and into the "zombies", as you'll be wondering what's going on (in a good way) and what's about to happen. It's a bit tricky to explain without spoiling the story, so I'll stop praising it here and give it the one bit of criticism I have for it - it has moments which border on cheesy. Not quite on par with the older games (oh god, not even close), but one of the characters' accents and some of his writing feels like there's an actor behind it, which detracts from the story when everybody else's voices and writing actually feels convincing enough to breathe life into these characters. Ah well.
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  • Genre: Shooter (GC)
  • Theme(s): Horror
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Released
    North AmericaJan 11, 2005
    EuropeMar 18, 2005
    JapanJan 27, 2005
    AustraliaMar 24, 2005
  • Also known as:
  • Biohazard 4 in Japan
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