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Midway's over-the-top sports philosophy comes to the game of soccer. Red Card 20-03's unique adrenaline-style gameplay lets you kick, score, celebrate and tackle your way through 50 international teams all vying for the Cup Championship. Use 7 fantasy teams of 11 players, or take on the national teams and players of FIFPRO in 4 game modes.


  • 11 vesus 11 gameplay that includes 32 international teams.

  • 60 fps gameplay with character models that will be realistic to the last scar.

  • 500+ motion captured moves modeled specifically to the high-impact hardcore style of RedCard Soccer.

  • Stadiums and spectators that capture the pageantry and fanatical nature of international soccer.

  • A deep and enriching gameplay experience that will allow the player to compete in a single match or strive for the World Championship.

  • Multiple hidden characters, stadiums, attributes and other secrets will be unlockable as you progress through the game.

  • Compelling mini-games that add gameplay depth and improve your soccer skills.
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