Rayman's world kicks into multiplayer overdrive in this total competition crash course with the cast of Rayman 2. Smoke the competition on mind-bending racecourses, or spark up a lum-flinging firefight in the battle arena. And with 8 characters, 24 maps and up to 4 combatants, now Rayman's got more ways to reign supreme than ever.


  • Two Modes of Game Play: Take risks, trip-up opponents and find shortcuts in a high-speed foot race or go head-to-head in a lum shooting, gladiator-style arena and defeat your opponent to reign supreme.

  • Unleash New Characters: Eight playable characters including the cast from Rayman 2 plus new, never before seen contestants.

  • Multiplayer Madness: Compete with up to four players through split-screen or on-line for intense multiplayer action.

  • Immersive Worlds: Delve into immense battle arenas and racetracks filled with lush colors and detailed environments.

  • True Rewarding System: Compete for the best times and the highest scores for your chance to unlock TRUE rewards such as: Bonus Levels, Additional Modes, Character Skins, and Bonus Characters.

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Nov 10, 02 8:47am

this is a really good game....i think you should get it....It Really cool!

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