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PSO III C.A.R.D. Revolution is an entirely new and wholly addictive style of electronic card battling. Two distinctly different play modes and stories await: see the climactic close of the PSO saga through the eyes of either a brave Hunter or a member of the Arkz guild.


Roll the dice to determine action points, then take your turn using any combination of the five cards in your hand to use weapons and summon creatures to attack in an effort to wear down your opponent. New cards are dealt after each turn.


  • Choose to play as a Hunter (Heroside) or an Arkz (Darkside)
  • Use the new C.A.R.D. technology to fight your enemies
  • Explore levels from PSO Episodes I & II and many new ones
  • Get online and play with players from all over the world
  • Customize your own character and give him a nam

Hardware Requirements

Dial Up or Broad Band Adapter are required (along with a cable to connect
it to your computer's modem) if you want to play Online Mode

Official URL

Official Site
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pso episode 3 is one of the most disappointing sequels ever made due to lack of...

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PSO: Episode III is a good sequel to Episodes I & II, though it isn't as good as it's...

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This game is a must get for PSO Fanatics!It is a tad expensive (for me at least) but...

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