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Ride with the skills of the King of BMX - Mat Hoffman, or seven other top pros. Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 features include an easy-to-learn trick and combo system, so you can perform hundreds of tricks, combo moves and pro-signature tricks. Test your skills in eight courses filled with challenges, secret areas, and interactive objects. BMX Course Editor Create your own custom BMX courses in real-time 3-D, which you can share with friends. Multiple modes of single- and multi-player.


Take a road trip across America with Mat Hoffman and 10 of the greatest riders of all time in the ultimate BMX game. Featuring 8 enormous free-foaming, fully populated levels, all new BMX Course Editor, hours of footage including the MHPB2 Road Trip Tour ESPN program and innovative features like the new trick tweaking system, flatland tricks, mini-games and 2-player split screan with PUSH technology.


  • Perform hundreds of tricks and signature moves

  • Realistic, obstacle-filled environments

  • Street, vert ramp, and dirt freestyle courses

  • Play in the career mode and move up the ranks

  • Unlock new courses and upgrade your bike and abilities

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