Pokémon Box: Ruby & Sapphire Own / Want List

Username Comments
Rainbow Jinjo I don't really WANT this game, but I'd like to have it.
Double Decker None
mr click looks like a good game
Zeig Elfheart None
Breeder101 NTSC Format Only
eclipse shadow 08 None
LadyNyoko None
infernape12310 None
NiGHTSChao None
phx87 None
Diego392817 None
Zacky12345 None
Fletchr None
Dylanrulz4794 Meh, i have Ruby and sapphire, but what is this?
Amaguq None
ren647 None
arceus ruler its okay.
ShadowNc None
ExpertPlayer None
Saiyuki44 None
dragon_luver94 None
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darkmew2 None
neofan None
ryanoc1004 None
Acersus Master None
EV15 None
pokemon master 321 None
ShadowSceptile None
tjhill6 None
Xelagh None
Ritsam None
Starfire54 None
Pikachu Ninja None
narutokane5 None
Pokemon66 None
abby_acara None
LGreylady None
dragonking01 None
grif45 None
groudon2135 None
dracarius01 None
Miltons Girl None
superandy989 None
babe0rihanna None
Darkrai91830 None
Nine Volt None
Killinger None
Wallflower None
Ivy Raphael fan None