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Take on the role of a daring explorer who laughs at danger and rescues damsels in distress. Battle creatures while you search for lost treasures. Features include highly detailed graphics, fast-paced action pathways, and interactive goals. Classic vine-swinging and pit-hopping action combined with Harry's humor will add charm to this one.


The vast landscape, ranging from forests to ancient ruins to subterranean mines, provides countless game options as you face the consequences of your decisions. Cross treacherous jungle terrain and dark areas filled with puzzles, tricks and traps, swing on vines, avoid crocodiles and dodge rolling logs as you unearth artifacts and use your cunning to defeat dangerous foes


  • Awesome Action/Adventure Elements -- The game lets players jump between adventure and puzzle levels with fast-paced transitions inspired by the vine-swinging action of the original game. Once in a level, branching pathways allow players to choose a desired direction of travel.
  • New And Classic Enemies -- Gamers can tangle with a host of enemies like snakes, scorpions, spiders, bats, jaguars, piranhas, insects, natives, mercenaries, bush ninjas and mega monkeys.
  • Be The Hero Who Has Everything – Players have access to a wide range of tools to get the job done: ascend massive glacial cliffs with trusty ice axes; keep out of harm’s way with an elevating pogo stick; fight-off foes and activate switches with a powerful sling shot; deter pests and shed light on the situation with a blazing torch; and deflect flame jets with a mighty shield.
  • Heroic Actions -- As gamers progress in the game they will gain new abilities that will assist in the quest, including a quick dash option and numerous combat maneuvers. They can also use simple button combinations to turn regular actions into special heroic feats.
  • Break From The Hunt For Adventure -- Collecting special items allows players to compete for gold in Native Olympic mini-games.
  • Experience Top Technology – Total Havok’s physics technology ensures that objects react to their environments in a realistic manner – floating icebergs and swaying vines. The advanced Edge engine supports next-generation graphics and Dolby® surround sound.

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