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Average Review Score: 8.6/10

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Pikmin Reviews

website score publish date
Cyber Gaming Net 4.25/5 Dec 16 '01
Gamecube Europe 9.2/10 Nov 05 '02
Retro Nintendo Life 9/10 Jan 02 '06
Thunderbolt 7/10 Feb 13 '04
Adrenaline Vault 4/5 Feb 28 '02
Electric Playground 89% Dec 12 '01
Game Revolution B+ Dec 14 '01
GameSpot 8.9/10 Dec 05 '01
Gamespy 92/100 Dec 16 '01
netjak 89% Jan 04 '02
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Pikmin Previews

website publish date
http://www.cubesource.net May 22 '01
http://www.nintendominion.com Jun 19 '01
gameON Oct 01 '01
Gamespot UK Nov 13 '01
Gamespy Oct 30 '01
Hotgames Nov 26 '01
IGN GameCube Oct 30 '01
IGN GameCube Nov 29 '01
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Adrenaline Vault on Feb 28 '02

"Anyone hungering for the best of the GameCube should try Pikmin. It might not be flashy enough to be called a system-seller, but it’s among the most original games in years."

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Electric Playground on Dec 14 '01

"Probably the oddest and most distinct title recently launched for any system, and that's a good thing. Addictive to the point of obsession, and deeper as a strategy game than you might think."

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Game Revolution on Dec 17 '01

"Pikmin is a creative, original take on console strategy gaming. Not everyone may take to the strategic undercurrent, but as it stands, this Pikmin has already fixed its roots deep in my jaded..."

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Gamecube Europe on Sep 01 '04

"It’s hard to put across just how inventive, original and amazing this game is, you really do have to play it in order to see what all the fuss is about. Its length is a slightly worrying factor but..."

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gameON on Oct 03 '01

"It is not everyday that you come across a title for console that uses the planning of resources and the careful study of the environments as key elements of the game, and at the same time it..."

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