As an alien, you've crash-landed on a strange new world populated by multi-colored ant-like creatures called Pikmin. With the aid of the Pikmin you must find the pieces of your ship. In return you must help the Pikmin survive in their harsh world. Assign them a variety of tasks (fighting off enemy creatures, building, resource collecting) during the day and have them carry treasure back to their homes before sunset. Interact with the lush 3D environments.


  • Deceptively simple gameplay

  • Sharply drawn character personalities

  • Strong elements of nonlinear strategic gameplay

Editor's Note:

Developed by Nintendo development house EAD.

Added on: June 06, 2001

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iZell and 177 others own Pikmin
iZell and 35 others played Pikmin
Aug 16, 11 5:13am
an awesome strategy game for the gamecube (i don't own the gamecube version, i own the wii adaption). Pikmin Wii
nasty nappa
Jun 18, 11 5:04am
i found it very boring dull and frustrating Pikmin Wii
Dark Silver
Sep 11, 10 12:29am
I fought the Mamuta, the Goolix, and the terrible Smokey Progg! Only lost 80 some Pikmin to the demon as well! Pikmin Wii
Black Pikmin123
Aug 05, 10 4:46pm
Played 7 times or so, then got bored and moved to 2. Pikmin GC
Black Pikmin123
Aug 05, 10 4:46pm
Played twice, maybe three times. The Wii controls suck for someone who's played GC Pikmin for years on end. Pikmin GC
Jul 25, 10 11:51pm
A fun game, though sometimes the time limit made things difficult. But difficulty is fun... right? Pikmin GC
May 02, 10 4:44am
hard Pikmin GC
Apr 22, 10 5:00am
loved this game getting a whole army together to do stuff an jump people an i kinda liked watching them attack bigger targets an getting... Pikmin GC
Nov 07, 09 10:35pm
looking for all the pices but im not playing that much to acctidct to the pc Pikmin Wii
Jul 22, 09 6:17pm
LOVE this game! Pikmin GC
Jul 07, 09 4:00pm
Eh, not as good as Pikmin 2. Pikmin GC
May 28, 09 7:46pm
best game ever. Pikmin GC
May 27, 09 11:57am
This is a good game. I'd recommend it. Pikmin GC
Mar 30, 09 1:01pm
Behold, my army of VEGGIES!!!! Pikmin GC
Mar 18, 09 1:30am
i think they should just make the third already Pikmin GC
Feb 26, 09 10:07am
One of my favorite games ever! Pikmin GC
Feb 01, 09 8:27am
Cute. My grandma loves it. :) Pikmin GC
Jan 21, 09 11:56pm
8.7/10 Pikmin GC
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8.3 / 10
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