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Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II is the stand-alone sequel to the online console RPG title Phantasy Star Online. Participate in new game modes online with up to 4 players: soccer, capture-the-flag, and a battle royale not tied to the questing part of the game. Expect higher difficulty modes like Challenge and Ultimate, as well as new levels to explore, higher experience caps, more items, and of course MAGs!


  • Create and manage your own character

  • Play through both Episodes 1&2

  • Collect many items, weapons, and techniques

  • Ability to play online and meet fellow players

  • Explore the planet Ragol and face enemies, bosses, and a few alies

  • Play with your character through many side-quests and a well constructed storyline.

Hardware Requirements

Dial Up or Broad Band Adapter are required (along with a cable to connect
it to your computer's modem) if you want to play Online Mode

Editor's Note:

Previously known as "Phantasy Star Online Version 2". North American/European title may change.

Added on: July 11, 2001

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definatly not for sale or trade! love it allways have allways will PhantasyStarOnlineVersion2 DC

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For example on high Drop rates, Psyco Wand? 64,000 Drop rate, omg. As for...

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