Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
KurtisTrent Jul 14, 2012 None
ShadowNc Sep 11, 2011 None
eightbitgirl Jun 1, 2010 None
NinPower Aug 10, 2009 None
bohric Aug 15, 2007 None
FFXFREAK Jul 13, 2007 Awesome Game.
Ranger 1 Jan 1, 2007 I beat this game once through. Very fun game, but very hard and annoying final boss that took me much longer in real time than the rest of the game, probably.
Popo master 41 Jan 1, 2007 None
Jstar59 Sep 20, 2006 hint for final boss: Once in it's true form use your stronges strongest attacks at first, you will automaticly reseve a triple shine sprite after 3 turns! (Proven by the 9 times I've tried)
Chad Aug 27, 2006 None
Ratchet200 Jul 2, 2006 I have all partners(duh). I have both the W and the L emblems, as well as most of the badges. I've compleated the game twice.
Lucky Gamer Jul 1, 2006 Very nice game, but to me it doesn't hold a candle to the original.
Paper_Mario_Master Feb 14, 2006 Beaten Bonetail, Shadow queen, which says for me that I beat every other previous chapter boss, Re-Beat rawk Hawk, All tattles including Pit of 100 trials tattles, all badges, Not all recipes, Can do 110 damage in one turn using Just Mario (And Power Rush Badges) with help of Chet Rippo. I have completed many things in this. Got all characters, including Ms. Mowz and yea... Pit of 100 trials = Easiest part of game. :)
Deathaz_Angle Feb 6, 2006 None
Shade the Hedgehog Jan 1, 2006 Got it in '06. Hours & exact completion day unknown.
Ub3r Shadow Jan 1, 2006 None
Dragon Warrior1 Oct 1, 2005 None
Night Kirby Jul 1, 2005 None
Glitzville Apr 1, 2005 None
Dogsbaby Feb 19, 2005 I beat this game long ago, and have done it 3 times now.
Knukles Da Echidna Jan 1, 2005 None
tomato13187 Jan 1, 2005 Got Mario to about level 33. I also screwed around a lot with cooking & money-making, I could've beaten it much faster. Great game.
Crystal Creation Jan 1, 2005 None
Legender93 Jan 1, 2005 None
Arietta Nov 30, 2004 It is one of the best RPG games.
HydraLady Jun 6, 2004 all thats left is pit of 100 trials
Gotenks Jan 1, 2004 None
finalfight No completion date None
Enth No completion date Just got the 100 Trial Pit thingie to do now ^^;;
Bash Boy 54 No completion date None
Distortion No completion date None
Gemini19 No completion date All characters maxed along mario at level 99, all badges found, all side missions completed, conquered the pit of 100 trials on my first try at level 60.
InvaderHera No completion date None
YoshiStar No completion date None
thunder_stryke No completion date I beat this game 2 times, once in 2007 and the other time I beat it I can't remember. I got alot of the badges, beat the last boss (obviously -_- ) I didn't beat bonetail... I got Mrs. Mows and completed all the trouble things...
Comic man No completion date Beaten it six times so far. I'm on my seventh game.
luigi jean No completion date Yep, I took my time. I beat this game 4 times, beautiful.
Zebra Cakes No completion date Who hasn't beat this?
mariorulez25 No completion date None
BlasterMage No completion date None
X Naut Shroober No completion date Starting a seperate file.
papermariofreak64 No completion date easy
kvnkrbr99 No completion date I got all badges and whatever stuff
Mario Lover No completion date This game was easy.
LostLove No completion date So I dont even know, I completed this game a long time ago, like years ago.
god of power No completion date 100% done
Empyrean Abyss No completion date None
SuperKrauser No completion date beat it, but don't have all luigi books.
IceAngel No completion date None