NHL Hitz 20-02 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.8/10

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NHL Hitz 20-02 Reviews

website score publish date
www.gameinformer.com 8/10 Jan 30 '02
Gamecube Europe 9.0/10 Nov 12 '02
Gaming Target 7.8/10 Dec 04 '01
GameSpot 7.2/10 Nov 21 '01
Gamespy 68% Dec 21 '01
GameZilla 81/100 Dec 10 '01
IGN GameCube 7.4/10 Nov 20 '01
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NHL Hitz 20-02 Previews

website publish date
IGN GameCube Sep 21 '01
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Gamecube Europe on Sep 01 '04

"An incredibly fast paced sports game with the intention of causing as many broken bones as possible. A great laugh on your own but with 2-3 friends it becomes an absolute hoot! The single player..."

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GameSpot on Nov 23 '01

"As the only hockey game available, NHL Hitz 2002 deserves a strong look from GameCube-owning pucks fans."

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GameZilla on Dec 12 '01

"NHL Hitz 20-02 is a hard hitting, fast paced game. Unfortunately, like most things that burn at high temperatures, its life span is short."

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IGN GameCube on Jul 10 '01

"To complement this the crowd interacts with the event. They'll bang on the glass, throw their hats onto the ice, and even walk out if your game is boring!"

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IGN GameCube on Nov 21 '01

"...a fun, fast, brutal and pretty hockey game in short bursts. Plus it's got a track from Korn."

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