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Officially licensed by the NHL and the NHLPA with real NHL teams and players, NHL Hitz 2002 is an over-the-top 4-on-4 hockey game. In addition to the outrageous hockey gameplay NHL Hitz 2002 also features play-by-play commentary and a fully 3D crowd that reacts based on the action on the ice.


  • NHL Hitz 2002 features an interactive 3D crowd that reacts based on the action on the ice.

  • Crowds will bang on the glass, throw hats on the ice and walk out on bad games.

  • NHL Hitz 2002 has shoot, pass, and check buttons, as well as a turbo button that enhances your shooting, passing and checking abilities.

  • Offense-heavy gameplay is filled with blistering slap shots and tricky one-timers.

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I found this to be one of the better hockey games out right now. Its a new look at...


It all says it in the title-- NHL Hitz is the worst hockey game I have ever played....


Great game. Go buy this mothascratcha. If you want a full on war game that'll...


It's a great game that's a lot of fun. I'll be playing it for a long time. You should...

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