Strap on your skates and get ready for more intense hockey action. NHL 2004 let's you play as any of your favorite NHL teams. Or journey to other parts of the world as you play an International Tournament as Canada, Sweden, Finland or any of the other well known International teams. All new body check, fighting and player animations gives the game a sharper look. Whether it's being a player or the GM, get your team all the way to the Stanley Cup Final.


  • Deep EA SPORTS Dynasty Mode: Take your turn at being the GM. Earn enough experience points and you can upgrade facilities, hire new staff, and build a better office for yourself. The upgrades affect your team's attributes and your ability to sign players.

  • Drop the Gloves: The most realistic and exciting hockey fight engine on the market uses an authentic fight system that stems from grappling rather than simple button-mashing boxing.

  • New Hitting Animations: Tons of new body checks motions captured from even more angles for added realism, including explosive player collisions.

  • Smart Player AI: Using situational AI, players respond intelligently to different situations on the ice. The computer will predict and anticipate so that players react intelligently to various situations during the game.

  • International Appeal: Select from 30 current NHL hockey teams, NHL All-Star Teams, or go worldwide with 20 National teams or an international elite league featuring 39 teams from Sweden, Finland, and Germany, with unique uniforms, logos, and rules.

  • NHL Atmosphere: Improved rendering, realistic skating and player models, new animations, stylish presentation, and more real-life stadiums.

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This is a really fun and enjoyable game for anyone who likes or doesn't like hockey...

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