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In Courtside's realistic Sim Mode, you can set up a season, play the games and even create your own pro players. But if you prefer your action a little less structured, you can take on the top NBA stars in Arcade Mode for some street ball action. Features an improved passing system, hit detection and AI.


Developed exclusively for Nintendo GameCube by Nintendo and Left Field, NBA Courtside 2002 taps into the power of Nintendo GameCube to deliver authentic NBA action that makes those other games look like they're stuck in the era of the two-handed jump shot. Up to four players can hit the hardwood simultaneously and talk trash to their hearts' content as they bust sweet cross-overs, first-step jukes and monster dunks


  • NBA Courtside 2002 gives sports fans everything they expect from a basketball game, including full-season scheduling, momentum shifts, complete stats and a Create-A-Player feature. Open up your game by ripping some or all pages from the rule book. The savvy coach within you can call plays on the fly and substitute for tired or injured players.
  • Unique to NBA Courtside 2002 is an Adrenaline button that gives you the extra juice needed to turn an everyday lay-up into an ankle-breaking reverse jam. Spot-on commentary brings the action to in-your-ears life. A comprehensive training mode and multiple difficulty levels let you ramp up to superstar status at your own pace
  • NBA Courtside 2002 doubles your fun with an over-the-top Arcade Mode. Set on a rooftop court, this 3-on-3 flashfest is a star-studded showcase of full-court passes, jaw-dropping jukes and sky-scraping slams. For big points, pump up your Momentum Meter and score from a randomly appearing Hotspot.
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My big brother rented this game and thats how i even found out about it, and i played...


I found this to be one of the better basketball games out for the gamecube. It was...


This game is a cool gmae that doesn't get old. I love the fact that you can do a...

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