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Product Wiki Description: The Village Hidden in the Leaves is the home to the stealthiest ninja in the land. But twelve years earlier, a fearsome nine-tailed fox terrorized the village before it was subdued and its spirit sealed within the body of a baby boy. Now that boy, Naruto, has grown up to become a hyperactive ninja-in-training who’s more interested in pranks than schoolwork…but Naruto is determined to become the greatest ninja ever!
  • Choose from 8 of your favorite NARUTO characters including Naruto, Sasuke,...
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Release Date (North America):Mar 7, 2006 submit new
Release Date (Europe):none submitted submit new
Release Date (Japan):Apr 11, 2003 submit new
Release Date (Australia):none submitted submit new
Perspective:Third Person submit new
Themes:None submit new
Publisher:TOMY submit new
Developer:Eighting submit new
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Alternate Titles:Naruto: Clash of Ninja (Japan,Europe,Australia)
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