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Now that the monsters of Monstropolis have learned the power of laughter, they're ready to have some fun in Disney/Pixar's Monsters, Inc. for GameCube. In the game, players compete as one of their favorite monsters in a unique "dodge ballstyle" match set in movie-inspired stadium arenas filled with children ready to be entertained. With the use of special "laugh balls," each with their own unique attack, players battle it out in a fight to fill their laugh canisters first with children's laughter.


Characters from the 2001 computer animated movie hurl spheres called "laugh balls" to help children overcome their fears. Each monster's personal laugh canister fills up. The first creature to completely fill its canister wins the game.


  • 7 arenas inspired by artwork from blockbuster movie, Disney/Pixar's Monsters, Inc.

  • Play as one of your favorite Monsters, Inc. characters

  • Multiplayer mayhem for up to 4 players

  • Players unlock hidden characters, bonus stages and mini-games

  • Save capabilities on the Nintendo Memory Card

  • First Time on GameCube

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