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Another edition of the Medal of Honor series returns in this console only game, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. You assume the role of Joseph Griffin, a marine corpral who is stationed in Pearl Harbor. Your mission is to fend off the army of Imperial Japan. Fully detailed environments and weapons put you in the middle of this raging warfare between the Axis and Allies.


  • An Epic Single Player Adventure: Survive the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor.
    Battle through the jungles of Guadalcanal to the streets of Singapore.

  • Experience the Powerful Realities of War: Over 20 Authentic WWII Weapons.
    THX Certified Sound Design.

  • Intense Multiplayer Combat: Engage Japanese forces in 2 Player Co-op mode.

  • Play as Axis or Allied soldiers in 4 Player combat.

  • Defeat the Japanese Empire: Survive devastating Banzai charges.
    Fight alongside battle hardened Allies.

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Hehe... haven't actually played it. MedalOfHonorRisingSun Xbox
umm... its ok. i love the music and the Pearl Harbour levels. MedalOfHonorRisingSun Xbox
A very good game but too short! MedalOfHonorRisingSun Xbox

Tips For multiplayer

The way you move is crucial. Strafing is great with a...

Not better than Frontline! MedalOfHonorRisingSun Xbox
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