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Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2 are fused together to create a new game to the Metal Gear Solid series. Terrorists are demanding Big Boss's body and if the White House doesn't hand it over they threaten to launch a nuclear missle (or nuke). Solid Snake has become a dog musher in his retreat in Alaska and Roy Campbell has recruited him to rescue the two hostages the terrorists have taken and is to investigate whether or not they have a ability to launch a nuke. However, it turns out the leader of the terrorists looks just like Snake and also shares his code name. It's up to Snake to put a stop to this


Solid Snake debuts on Nintendo's GameCube in Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes. After achieving worldwide sales success and awards for both the original Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, series creator, Hideo Kojima combines the essence of both games into one unique experience.


  • Luxuriously fuses the story of MGS and the visuals of MGS2
  • Incorporates actions from MGS2 such as first-person shooting
  • From Hideo Kojima, original creator of the Metal Gear series
  • Exclusively on Nintendo GameCube

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So if you're into stealth games in the slightest then chances are you're already aware...


The original Metal Gear Solid (MGS) is regarded as one of the greatest video games...

I got the Big Boss Rank. Complete. MetalGearSolidTheTwinSnakes GC
Loved the original.Loved this MetalGearSolidTheTwinSnakes GC
a great rehash bringing in MGS:2 collection of dog tags aswell :) MetalGearSolidTheTwinSnakes GC
Finally, MGS is on the 'Cube MetalGearSolidTheTwinSnakes GC
This is a fantastic game. Remake of my favorite game ever! MetalGearSolidTheTwinSnakes GC

I must say that I really enjoyed MGS:TTT. I reccomend this game to any person new to...


Two years ago,i borrowed the original game for PS1 from a friend,because the one i had...


Metal Gear Solid owned 1998. It didn't matter what console you preferred, Solid Snake...

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