Metroid Prime Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 9.6/10

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Metroid Prime Reviews

website score publish date article quality 9.5/10 Dec 07 '02
Gamecube Europe 9.5/10 Dec 07 '02
Gamenikki 10/10 Jun 22 '04
PlayTM 90% Apr 20 '03
The Armchair Empire 10/10 Dec 10 '02
Game Revolution A Nov 26 '02
Gamer's Hell 9/10 Dec 13 '02
GameSpot 9.7/10 Nov 15 '02
Gamespy 96/100 Nov 19 '02
IGN GameCube 9.8/10 Nov 11 '02
netjak 9.8/10 Dec 02 '02
Solinari Gaming 9.9/10 Nov 26 '02
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Metroid Prime Previews

website publish date article rating
EuroGamer May 29 '02
GameSpot Aug 22 '02
GameSpot Jun 07 '02
Gamespy May 06 '02
IGN GameCube Mar 04 '02
IGN GameCube Aug 22 '02
IGN GameCube Feb 28 '02 Mar 30 '01
NintendoEye Mar 26 '01
NintendoWeb.Com Mar 26 '01
Nintensity Mar 26 '01
Solinari Gaming Oct 27 '02
The Dec 08 '00
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EuroGamer on

"...if the Miyamoto-directed team at Retro can marry this superb control and camera system to an engaging narrative and keep the design refreshing, Prime could be one of the biggest Cube games of..."

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Game Revolution on

"The gaming community had a hissy fit out when it learned that Nintendo’s latest Metroid game would be first-person, but it turns out all that worrying was for nothing. They’ve broken all kinds of..."

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Gamecube Europe on

"Overall Metroid Prime is the greatest game out on the gaming market right now, but that is just my opinion, though most people will agree with me. And do remember this: Metroid Prime is, and I..."

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Gamer's Hell on

"Easily worth the money for any Metroid fan."

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GameSpot on

"Despite all of the early apprehension among fans of the series, Retro Studios and Nintendo are clearly shaping Metroid Prime into one of this year's most anticipated games. Nintendo has managed to..."

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