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Samus has finally returned! The moment Metroid fans have waited for is finally here. All the elements that made Metroid a classic — massive map exploration, a supercharged arsenal, incredible moves, huge bosses — are back, along with all-new features befitting the new generation of gameplay. The game features new heights of super-realism with real-time lighting and particle effects, pyrotechnic weapons and monsters you have to see to believe.


One of the most anticipated games of 2002, Metroid Prime for Nintendo GameCube will be the fourth installment in the classic Metroid series, calling only one place home...and it's not Tallon IV. It's Nintendo GameCube! Feed this shiny new Metroid Prime Game Disc to your Nintendo GameCube, and get ready to witness legions of mutated enemies splatter, burst and explode into oblivion at the hands of one capable hero: Samus Aran.


  • Use all the technological upgrades to Samus' Power Suit, including the Thermal and Scan Visors.

  • Wield powerful weapons like the Wave and Ice beams as you take on the Space Pirates and their legions.

  • Explore the enormous regions of Tallon IV, from the frozen Phendrana Drifts to the crumbling Chozo Ruins.

  • Roll into the Morph Ball to explore tight spots, bomb through walls, and roll your way to out-of-reach areas.

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Having a blast with this game so far! MetroidPrime GC
cool and different from other metroids. First person action! MetroidPrime GC
I am new at playing games, but they are alot of fun. Iwill be getting off the ship today. MetroidPrime GC
Easy to get stuck in, but very fun MetroidPrime GC
Personally, my favourite out of the entire trilogy! MetroidPrime GC
outstanding the game that got me into metroid MetroidPrime GC
the only metroid prime game that I cannot beat the last boss in MetroidPrime GC
preety good .however i cant beat the boss that shoots flames at you.u encounter him preety early. MetroidPrime GC
I don't like FPS games too much, but Metroid Prime is a pretty good one. Haven't really done too much with it though; MetroidPrime GC
Good for a one time play through. It gets really boring because of the scan visor. MetroidPrime GC
Gamecube controls are bad, but the story is good MetroidPrime GC
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9.4 / 10
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