Super Mario Sunshine Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 9.2/10

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Super Mario Sunshine Reviews

website score publish date article quality
GameGal 9/10 Jan 01 '03 9.5/10 Sep 19 '02
Gamecube Europe 9.0/10 Nov 05 '02
Gamer's Hell 9/10 Dec 31 '02
NintendoSpin 9.7/10 Jan 01 '05
Retro Nintendo Life 10/10 Jan 02 '06
Thunderbolt 9/10 Dec 07 '03
ESCMag 9/10 Sep 19 '02
Game Revolution A- Aug 30 '02
GameSpot 8.0/10 Aug 26 '02
Gamespy 94% Aug 26 '02
IGN GameCube 9.4/10 Aug 22 '02
netjak 93% Aug 22 '02
Solinari Gaming 10.0/10.0 Sep 02 '02
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Super Mario Sunshine Previews

website publish date article rating
Computer and Video Games Jun 05 '01
EuroGamer Apr 10 '02
Game Revolution Oct 15 '02
Gamecube Weekly Aug 21 '01
GamesDomain Aug 12 '02
GameSpot Jul 22 '02
IGN GameCube May 30 '02
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Editorial Articles
website publish date notes article rating
GameSpot Aug 23 '01  
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Computer and Video Games on

"However, on searching through Nintendois official E3 site, eagle-eyed surfers would have uncovered a couple of surprises amongst the listed Gamecube titles n namely, 100 Marios and Mario Sunshine."

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ESCMag on

"Super Mario Sunshine is the next step in video games. While it will never be as revolutionary as its forefathers, it is still an evolutionary game that progresses the 3D platformer into new..."

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EuroGamer on

"Nintendo’s mantra for the GameCube seems to be ‘shorter games, more often’, and this is the one area in which Sunshine may come unstuck... How would the world react to a full-price Mario game with..."

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Game Revolution on

"Everyone’s favorite plump plumber returns to the console scene in Super Mario Sunshine, and he doesn’t disappoint. Clean up Isle Delfino in this gorgeous, creative platformer. It sure beats the..."

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Game Revolution on

"...Mario is back and I’ll take what I can get. This is one of the best games currently out for the GameCube, it’s just not as innovative as I had hoped it would be."

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