Super Mario Sunshine Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
TailsCosmoFan25 Dec 4, 2012 None
Symphonic Abyss Aug 13, 2012 None
megagamer2254 Mar 5, 2011 None
WangChung Jan 12, 2010 None
ShadowNc Nov 29, 2009 So far 83 Shine Sprites. Defeated Bowser.
niccikate Nov 28, 2009 None
BKP Jun 1, 2009 None
sweep Sep 8, 2007 None
Quarxyz Aug 31, 2007 when i first played it was at my aunts house. but in july i bought my own copy. and beat it but like i said in one of them forums, right as i was buying the last shine sprite the gamecube satopped and the data corrupted so i traded it in along with crash bandicoot the wrath of cortex.
VinnyVideo May 26, 2007 I should go back someday and get those last two Shine Sprites.
terragirl952 Jan 5, 2007 None
Ranger 1 Jan 1, 2007 Took me a while to beat this game. There was a certain point where I got absolutely stuck for a while, and gave up playing for about a year. I forget exactly how many shines I got, I'll have to check.
Kubrick Jan 1, 2007 None
Phoenix327 Aug 1, 2006 - Got all 120 shines on all 3 files - Saw and stood on the secret book - Completed all minigames and collected all secret shines
J Mud Jul 19, 2006 Wasn't easy, wasn't hard
Death Resurrection Jan 1, 2006 It has been a very long time I beat this very good game.
murraymints Jan 1, 2006 i don't how long it took me but i got all the shine sprites.yay.
Paper_Mario_Master Dec 24, 2005 Cant be bothered typing now... may edit later...
papermariofreak64 Aug 23, 2005 1. beat bowser in 1 try 2. had 26 lives
GallantmonX Apr 1, 2005 Everything completed.
azurice Feb 7, 2005 got 110 shines got 100 coin challenge on every lvl
Relient K Jan 1, 2005 None
tjprettyman Jan 1, 2005 None
I_AM_BATMAN_01 Apr 1, 2004 None
Chad Feb 19, 2004 Easy
Knukles Da Echidna Jan 1, 2004 None
Lucky Gamer Jan 1, 2004 Got 119 Shines, dying with rage!
BlueFlameBob Jan 1, 2004 None
X Naut Shroober Jan 1, 2004 Uh...
Ross is back5 Jan 1, 2004 I got this game for my 8th birthday. I've only beaten it once and that was with the help of my sister, Sarah. I cant even remember when I beat it, I'm just guessing 2004. I got it in 2002. So I guess it took me 2 years but I really dont know....
WolfofSorrow Sep 22, 2003 Got all shines, and beat Bowser. Really awesome game to beat...
Dogsbaby Jul 21, 2003 I beat this game long ago and can barely remeber it.
Zodiark199 Jun 15, 2003 116 stars or starshine stars
Distortion Jan 1, 2003 All 120 Shines countless times
Fallen Master Jan 1, 2003 None
Lesley Pro_04 Oct 1, 2002 Out of all the games that I have beaten over the years, this one had the strangest concept. I had fun playing this game and might play it again. The only problem that I had was that there were no real "surprises," per se; I figured out who the final boss was fairly quickly. If a similarly-made game is made in the future, then shouldn't it be made obvious who the final boss is from the get-go? Just wondering, that's all.
Gotenks Jan 1, 2002 None
Jstar59 Jan 1, 2002 my first ngc game beaten 120 56 times Still playing
Big Willie No completion date None
Bash Boy 54 No completion date None
InvaderHera No completion date I got all 120 Sprites. It took a while.
YoshiStar No completion date None
Glitzville No completion date None
Zebra Cakes No completion date I don't know why I didn't buy this one. It was good enough to buy, not rent. I loved every second of this game. If I listed how much I liked this game, neoseeker would overload.
Chaos Seraph No completion date None
Arietta No completion date Great game. I just need some sprites though.
BlasterMage No completion date None
Mario Lover No completion date It took me a while.
Regard No completion date None
Manaphy No completion date None