Mario and friends are getting ready for another Mario Party. This is the 5th edition of the popular party game. There will be new game boards, 60 new mini-games, and some new characters.


  • Four player party game featuring multiple game boards and minigames

  • Change the location of events on the game board to get a leg up on your competition

  • Duke it out in new duel, traditional, or everyone-vs.-Bowser minigames

  • Compete against the Koopa Kid Brigade, a trio of Koopas who take their turns simultaneously

  • Action packed for one to four players

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Militron and 33 others played Mario Party 5
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This is, hands down, my favourite of the Mario Parties... Well, since the first two. MarioParty5 GC

Mario, one of the most well known video game icons, is also known for trying his hand...

fun but rarely played MarioParty5 GC
Worse than four I think... MarioParty5 GC
fun for d whole family!!! ***** MarioParty5 GC
It's Mario Party. :O With more minigames. MarioParty5 GC
It's Radical! To the max! MarioParty5 GC
I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MarioParty5 GC
Gets boring quickly but an okay game generally. MarioParty5 GC
THumbs up unfinished MarioParty5 GC
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7.2 / 10
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