Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and an all-star cast of Mushroom Kingdom regulars have been invited to a birthday party, and they must compete in a series of contests to win the present. Participate in a variety of gameplay challenges in the form of mini-games that pit each player against each other in teams, or free-for-alls! Mario Party 4 introduces the Mini-Giant system, as well as the Tag Battle.


  • Compete in a series of contests as favourite Nintendo characters.

  • Use items to access different areas of the game boards and trigger special events.

  • New Tag Battle lets players compete for stars in two-man teams.

  • Set handicaps for players of all ages and abilities.

  • For 1-4 players.

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Gotta replay ALL of it that I had gotten done...thanks to the little brother >=( MarioParty4 GC
The best of the Mario Parties. This one is fun even by yourself. MarioParty4 GC
the best mario party ever MarioParty4 GC
Meh... Was definitely not the best party. MarioParty4 GC
fun for d whole family!!! ***** MarioParty4 GC
It's Mario Party. :O With more minigames. MarioParty4 GC
I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MarioParty4 GC
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