Mario Party returns to Gamecube in its 7th installment. Expect to see a whole host of new mini-games, game boards and other goodies!


The game is similar to a board game. Yourself and the other players take turns rolling a dice and moving around the board trying to collect as many coins and stars as possible. At the end of each turn everybody takes part in an insane mini-game that will get you addicted to this game.


Story Mode - Unlock new characters, boards and minigames as you play solo.

Party Mode - Get your friends together and have great multiplayer fun.

Mini-Game Mode - Play all the great mini-games you have unlocked throughout the game.

Extra Mode - Expect to find an abundance of extra goodies here!

Hardware Requirements

The Nintendo Gamecube microphone is required to use various features such as mini games, commands, and secrets that are in the game.

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TheDirtyCupcake and 67 others played Mario Party 7
Kimonio and 181 others own Mario Party 7
Aug 28, 10 10:17am
Also a really fun MP game! MarioParty7 GC
Black Pikmin123
Aug 05, 10 5:19pm
THIS IS FUN AS HECK MAN!<3<3<3 MarioParty7 GC
Nov 29, 09 7:49am
Great game!2nd best Mario Party! MarioParty7 GC
Jul 19, 09 3:12pm
more challenging MarioParty7 GC
Jul 16, 09 8:26am
5 out of 5. MarioParty7 GC
Jun 25, 09 7:17am
Gereat game, loved the microphone attachment. MarioParty7 GC
Apr 13, 09 1:28am
Fun for a group of 4-8. MarioParty7 GC
Feb 09, 09 8:17am
.... MarioParty7 GC
Feb 01, 09 8:27am
One of the best parties yet. MarioParty7 GC
Feb 01, 09 5:01am
Same as above! MarioParty7 GC
The wolf nmd Alex
Jan 19, 09 2:05pm
fun for d whole family!!! ***** MarioParty7 GC
Dec 31, 08 11:23am
It's Mario Party. :O With more minigames. MarioParty7 GC
Dec 07, 08 10:25am
Oct 28, 08 6:46am
Fun but somewhat shallow gameplay. Minigames get boring after a while. MarioParty7 GC
Oct 11, 08 8:37am
I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MarioParty7 GC
Oct 03, 08 4:34am
not recently played MarioParty7 GC
Aug 14, 08 9:11am
added a cheat
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