Mario and the rest of the past version characters are back in this sixth installment to the series. This time new game boards and modes have been added. As the same as before, up to four players can play this game and battle each other in a series of mini-games or on a game board.


Roll the dice and the game begins. Mario Party 6 is back with the classic board game style game play. Rolling the dice will move you though the boards as you try to collect stars and coins to make it to the top. Mini games change whether it's day or night and the board rules can change as well. Mario Party 6 sports a new solo mode in which you embark on a adventure for new mini games and coins and three different boards. Party Mode is the multiplayer mode with 6 different stages each with different rules. An all new Mic Mode sports several Mic mini games, a solo mic game, and a mic multiplayer game in which you battle for the top. As a classic, Mini Game Mode is back with several games to play with the games including Bingo. Last but not least is the Star Bank where you spend stars, which you win in both Party Mode and Solo Mode, to buy extras as well as essentials.


  • Clash with your friends in party-rockin' mini-games like Mowtown, Catch You Letter, Astaroad Rage and Cashapult.
  • A new day and night system gives game boards and mini-games a split personality! Boards transform, characters emerge from hiding and mini-games change dramatically depending on the time of day.
  • The game comes with a Nintendo GameCube Mic. Now you can control some furiously fun mini-game action with the sound of your voice.
  • Faster movement: Speed around the board! Now there's less down time between turns and mini-games!

Hardware Requirements

Nintendo's new "Hands Free Controller" and, Mario Party 6 micro-phone is required to play the game Mario Party 6 and to use its features

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fun party game good when people r over MarioParty6 GC
Another great game! This series is DEFINITELY a legend!! MarioParty6 GC
fun and cool i still play this a lot because i love control shtick. MarioParty6 GC
fun for d whole family!!! ***** MarioParty6 GC
It's Mario Party. :O With more minigames. MarioParty6 GC
I have no idea why I bought this. I saw the huge box it came in and I thought it would be cool. This game is way too geared for kids MarioParty6 GC
Fun but somewhat shallow gameplay. Minigames get boring after a while. MarioParty6 GC
I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MarioParty6 GC
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