Luigi's Mansion Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.7/10

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Luigi's Mansion Reviews

website score publish date 8.1/10 Feb 19 '02
netjak 7.5/10
Retro Nintendo Life 6/10 Jan 02 '06
Adrenaline Vault 3/5 Dec 13 '01 Gaming A Oct 04 '01
ESCMag 8/10 Jan 09 '02
EuroGamer 7/10 Apr 30 '02
Game Revolution B Nov 21 '01
gameON 90/100 Sep 26 '01
Gamespot 7.9/10 Nov 07 '01
Gamespy 75% Nov 19 '01
IGN GameCube  --- Sep 21 '01
Nintendo World Report 7/10 Sep 26 '01
Nintendo World Report 8.5/10 Nov 11 '01
Nintendo World Report 8.5/10 Nov 21 '01
Nintendo World Report 8/10 Nov 24 '01
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Luigi's Mansion Previews

website publish date
EuroGamer Sep 02 '01
IGN GameCube Oct 09 '01
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ESCMag on Jan 09 '02

"While Luigi’s Mansion is in no way trying to be the next Mario game, Mario Sunshine will do that next summer, it does fill the void for some Mario Brother action until we get our real fix with..."

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EuroGamer on Sep 04 '01

"Luigi’s Mansion is likely to be one of the most popular early Game Cube games, and if it stays fresh throughout its many rooms and hallways, it may help the hapless plumber win himself a few more..."

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EuroGamer on Apr 30 '02

"A competent, atmospheric adventure and truly a new direction for the characters, but at this length it simply isn’t worth the £35, let alone the cost of the console. If Miyamoto’s vision of shorter..."

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Game Revolution on Nov 23 '01

"Luigi's Mansion may not be a straight up winner, but I wouldn't call his first game a loser at all. The replay value is suspect and the one enormous dungeon mansion can grow tiring, but the..."

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IGN GameCube on Mar 26 '01

"The Luigi's Mansion demo could be linked to the next Mario title."

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