The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King Own / Want List

Username Comments
Kutless pretty good
Mystery None
Sspider None
salzera None
bhh12345 None
Tom2565 None
Xel None
Zelda_Fanatic cool
HarvestFanatic Hah, I have it you don't.
Drastic my soul None
PezDspencer None
WangChung None
Doughedgehog Very easy but loads of fun
zecon None
Harvestfan I got bored of it.
DarkLink89 None
luffyluffy Not for Sale.
The Deathwind None
YourSweetSin None
KaibasAngel None
Vena None
Khaellis None
Renkyu None
krotik None
sonicwarrior None
mrcoldhearted None
h5529953 None
Eowyn None
zam man5 None
Birdnerd Beat it with my little bro it was very fun but annoying somtimes.
Steve_Tr None
Rising_Revenge None
LloydToS None