A criminal organization lead by the dangerous criminal Kun Lan corrupts the streets of America. Harman Smith, a mysterious assassin with 7 different personalities, is hired to assassinate his deadly rival. Smith must use the various special powers that dwell in his different personas to hunt down Kun Lan and bring down his orginization.


  • Distinctive and visually stunning, post-modern approach to cel shaded environments
  • Unique cast of playable characters – Each persona has different strengths, special abilities and weapons that help Harman proceed through the game. The seven personalities that comprise the "Smith Alliance" include:
    • Garcian Smith – The clairvoyant leader of the 'alliance' who has the ability to turn invisible and serves as the "cleaner" that recovers the bodies of fallen teammates
    • Dan Smith – Strong and extremely well trained, Dan has the ability to slow time
    • Mask De Smith – A grenade launcher wielding man who can emit flames from his body to counter anyattacks brought upon by his enemies, rendering him invincible
    • Coyote Smith – Has the ability to unleash a frighteningly destructive "Gang Kick" that can knock down enemies with a single blow
    • Kaede Smith – The only female personality of the group. She steals the lives of her enemies by blasting out a shower of blood super-charged with a deadly virus
    • Con Smith – A young man blessed with exceptional hearing. He uses his ability to reveal the locations of enemies prowling about in the shadows
    • Kevin Smith – An independent personality that keeps to himself. He can eliminate a target with ease using a number of masterful knife wielding techniques

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