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Based on the fully-CG Nickelodeon feature film of the same name, Jimmy Neutron puts in the the shoes of the 10-year boy genius who, along with robot dog Goddard, must save his parents from evil space aliens. Explore 8 levels.


  • 6 gigantic levels including Jimmy's house, the Asteroids, Yolkus Underworld, Yolkus City and Retroland
  • Jet around on a modified Goddard that can turn into the Goddard Pogo, Goddard Scooter and the Goddard Sled
  • Finish various levels within the game to unlock actual movie clips from Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
  • Based on the hit movie and Nickelodeon cartoon
  • Jimmy must use his brains to save the neighborhood
  • Use cool gadgets like shrink raysand jet packs
  • Game play includes flying, driving, and hopping

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I rented this game, and let me tell you, this game is boring as hell. All you do is go...

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This game is awesome for my type, but I don't think you will like it, because it's...

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