Ikaruga is a 2-D scrolling space shooter (with options for either a vertical or horizontal display) set against a 3-D backdrop with a combination of rich Japanese storytelling and high-powered fighter-pilot heroics. Players take the role of hero Shinra, the lone survivor of a freedom federation that was massacred by the evil, power-hungry conqueror Tenro Horai. Now Shinra, in his newly-built ship, the Ikaruga, must fight for aging, exiled people who are depending upon him for their survival. Join the sole warrior as he battles the evil Horai in the hopes of restoring peace


  • Experience battle in 18 different stages
  • Play either vertically or horizontally
  • Gain massive point totals for orderly "chain attacks"
  • Execute various strategies, including the advanced "Bullet Eater" technique
  • Post scores on the Ikaruga website using a unique password
  • Train for each level in slow-motion
  • Battle the evil Horai with a friend in two player co-op mode
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As far as gaming genres go, the one that seems missing in action from the home console...

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This game offers extremely fast-paced action, a unique "bullet eating technique" and...

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