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The Harvest goddess has mysteriously turned into stone and it's up to you to collect all 100 happiness tones before your rival (Reon) does and give them to the harvest sprites, which are then turned into musical instruments. This game is a whole new way of farming, with new characters and old characters from different Harvest Moon games, more marraige, more animals, etc. This game has so much variety in choice and also added features such as multiplayer games.


-Choose your Gender at the beginning of the game.
-You will have a Rival Farmer.
-You have a Pedometer that measures your footsteps.
-Each character will have a freindship-level displayed in your notebook. You can see how many 'hearts' each person has for you.
-There are plans for you to be able to create a forest
-Crops can be planted anywhere. You may raise your appeal with the villagers by planting crops in different areas.
-There is a cave you can explore.
-Cooking and Fishing are also a part of the game.

Editor's Note:

http://www.hmotaku.net/ is what confirmed the title changed, so if anyone is looking to see if Harvest Moon: SONGS of Happiness was submitted yet, it was. HARVEST MOON: SONGS OF HAPPINESS was a MISTRANSLATION os HARVEST MOON: POEMS OF HAPPINESS.

Added on: February 01, 2005

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