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Many seasons before you came to Flower Bud Village, the Harvest Goddess turned to stone because no one except the Harvest Sprites believed in her. While Jamie has tried to help the Sprites revive her, the Harvest Goddess remains a statue at a nearby spring. You must revive the Goddess by collecting 50 musical notes scattered all over the village!


RPG, farm life one player mode.


  • Play as a girl or boy.
  • Buy farm land next to a river, along a seashore, or a village.
  • Plant crops, raise livestock, dig for gems, or just fish.
  • Beat your farming rival in the fields and in festivals.
  • Unlock secret multiplayer mini games.

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whats a really fast and easy way to get alot of lumber quikly WITHOUT BUYING IT FROM WOODY? HarvestMoonMagicalMelody GC
Just got married to Gina #HarvestMoonMagicalMelody #Wii HarvestMoonMagicalMelody Wii
harvest moon are my 2nd fav and bet out of all games!!!!!XD HarvestMoonMagicalMelody GC
Besides the Wii HM'S this 1s the most realistic to me. HarvestMoonMagicalMelody GC
Played for awhile, dropped, played, dropped, and now I'm playing it again. 75+ notes, and most of them are friendship. This will be... HarvestMoonMagicalMelody GC
super super fun! have played for hours! HarvestMoonMagicalMelody GC
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