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Legendary monsters battle among earth's cities to determine the planet's fate. Attempting worldwide domination, aliens have gained control over Godzilla's longtime rivals, the kaiju, must be defeated. Participate in a spectacle like no other by combating the greatest beasts on a colossal scale, as the world's future hangs in the balance. Fight as one of 11 monsters in 8 different arenas. Destroy all monsters with hand-to-hand fighting, special moves, and specialized projectile weapons.


  • Earth's Greatest Cities become the battlefields for legendary monsters.

  • Choose from over 10 monsters and five modes of play.

  • 4 player fighting mayhem!

  • Huge sense of scale puts you in control of a 33,500 ton beast.

  • Utilize each monster's unique attributes to obliterate rivals.

  • Go hand-to-hand at close range, or dominate from a distance with projectiles.

  • Using advanced weaponry, human armies protect their cities against a monstrous onslaught.

  • Aliens plot and scheme to stop Godzilla from ruining their plans. Use their tactics against them

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