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As the story goes, TV reception in the land of Dimmsdale has faded out completely. After missing the season finale of his favorite show, Timmy teams up with his Fairy Godparents to get to the bottom of the problem. This quickly uncovers a new villain, an evil known as simply, The Shadow. Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda set out to stop The Shadow, and along the way you'll be able to use 18 new wish inventions, including the pogo stick of justice, repair-o-tron, suit spray, and the supercleft freeze ray. You'll have to use those inventions including your wishes in order to stop The Shadow.


  • 6 brand new levels based on episodes from the hit TV show including: Fairly Disastrous, Dad's Dream, Take it on the Chin, Get a Clue, Vicky Strikes Back, The Great Esc-Ape
  • 18 new sidesplitting wish inventions such as the Suit Spray, Repair-o-Tron, Super Irritating Klaxon, Pogo Stick of Justice, Super Cleft Freeze Ray, and many more
  • Unlockable FOP television episode (PS2 only) along with several mini-clips from the television show throughout the game
  • 'Making-of the videogame' takes kids for an exclusive look behind the scenes

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Really fun game, even if you are older! Everyone likes Fairly Odd Parents! TheFairlyOddParentsShadowShowdown GC
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