Extreme-G 3 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.9/10

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Extreme-G 3 Reviews

website score publish date
www.gameinformer.com 8.25/10 Jan 30 '02
www.nin.vgf.com 8.9/10 Feb 19 '02
Adrenaline Vault 4/5 Feb 21 '02
Game Revolution B Dec 28 '01
Gamespy 83/100 Dec 21 '01
GameZilla 85/100 Dec 18 '01
Nintendo World Report 7/10 Mar 07 '02
Nintendo World Report 7/10 Jan 14 '02
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Extreme-G 3 Previews

website publish date
IGN GameCube Nov 12 '01
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Game Revolution on Dec 31 '01

"Extreme G3 excels in its delivery, but the lack of excitement and any sort of replay system dampen the fun."

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Gamespy on Dec 21 '01

"With graphics so fast and attractive you won't want to blink, it's a great way to showcase what the Gamecube can do. Although the single player game has a few too many potential dead ends, the..."

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GameZilla on Dec 19 '01

"XGIII: Extreme G Racing offers a level of speed and intensity that’s difficult to capture in a game. It’s a complex balance to reach, but Acclaim definitely came close to achieving it."

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IGN GameCube on Jul 10 '01

"One thing the series has always been exceptional at offering is all the different tracks. Even on the Nintendo 64 there was a whole slew of tracks. If you wanted to memorize the tracks to improve..."

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