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Budokai 2 is based on the same engine as last year's game. It adds 11 new character to the 23 character roster, for a total of 34 fighters in all. A new addition is Dragon Mode. In it, players select from a roster of DBZ fighters, and Goku and his three-man team venture from territory to territory in search for Dragon Balls.


Flex and blast through eye-popping battles in single player "Dragon Mode".

Lethal DBZ heroes and villains, including Buu in three forms.

Highly detailed cel-shaded graphics.

Import saved game data, including customised characters and unlockable features from the original Dragon Ball Z: Budokai.

Destroy your enemies and watch the levels actually crumble in your wake.

Even more explosive "Ki" energy attacks.
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another dbz game but when it came out i played none stop we all did lol DragonBallZBudokai2 GC
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The second game in the legendary Dragonball Z saga, DBZ Budokai 2, isn't really all it...

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Just got it great game, next up Budokai 3!!! DragonBallZBudokai2 GC
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it is G-R-E-AT DragonBallZBudokai2 GC
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it was a good and fun dbz game DragonBallZBudokai2 GC
  • Genre: Fighting (GC)
  • Theme(s): Anime
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: ATARI
  • Publisher: ATARI
  • Released
    North AmericaDec 14, 2004
    AustraliaApr 12, 2005
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  • Offline Multi-player (2)
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