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Disney Sports: Basketball stars popular Disney characters as athletic all-stars. Combining basketball with the storytelling, humor and imagination of Disney, Disney Sports: Basketball puts an extreme twist on sports games, helping you get into the action with your favorite animated athletes. Features arcade-style action, multiplayer gaming, and a hip new attitude for some of the best-loved Disney personalities.


  • 3-on-3 style basketball action with arcade-style gameplay

  • Intuitive pick-up-and-play controls

  • 5 exciting game modes including Exhibition, Season and All Star Game

  • Multiplayer feature allowing up to 4 players
Scrooge McDuck
Dec 25, 05 6:05pm
added a cheat
Scrooge McDuck owns Disney Sports Basketball
Scrooge McDuck
Dec 25, 05 9:55am
Great game! But very hard to find! DisneySportsBasketball GBA
Scrooge McDuck
Dec 22, 05 10:09pm

Disney Sports Basketball for the gamecube brings loads of fun towards players. I...

Mar 09, 04 10:28am

[br]This is a fun game to play.[br]You can play as Donald duck,Daisy, Goofy , Max,...

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