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Average Review Score: 7.0/10

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Crazy Taxi Reviews

website score publish date C Feb 03 '02
Gamecube Europe 7.2/10 Nov 12 '02
PALGN 8.0/10 Jan 28 '03
Game Revolution C Feb 02 '02
Gamesfirst 3/5 Dec 21 '01
Gamespot 4.9/10 Nov 20 '01
Gamespy 83% Dec 23 '01
IGN GameCube 6.9/10 Nov 21 '01
Nintendo World Report 7/10 Dec 08 '01
Nintendo World Report 8/10 Jan 15 '02
Nintendo World Report 8.5/10 Mar 07 '02
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Crazy Taxi Previews

website publish date
IGN GameCube Jul 17 '01
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Game Revolution on Feb 04 '02

"The cost-to-value ratio seems more than a mite off there, especially with how long Crazy Taxi 2 has been out. If you really want to get loco, wait for the cab fare to go down."

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Gamesfirst on Jan 09 '02

"If that sequel was the one that was ported or some new features had been added then there might be some reason to try this, but as it stands, fans of the original will find nothing new here. Even..."

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IGN GameCube on Jul 18 '01

"...more or less a straight port of the PlayStation 2 game of the same name with marginally enhanced visuals... The GameCube version of the game is expected to look just as good as the Dreamcast..."

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IGN GameCube on Nov 23 '01

"Crazy Taxi is an awesome game if you didn't play it on previous systems. Don't let its original 1998 release sway you from picking it up for GameCube if you haven't played it before."

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